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My eyes have been opened to the glory of the Waterslide Decal. Praise be unto Mr. Mark Setter and Softer. : r/Gunpla

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Mr Hobby Mr Mark Setter Neo - Wonderland Models, MRMS234

Michigan Toy Soldier Company : VMS Vantage Modelling Solutions - VMS Decal Set and Soften 2 in 1 30ml

Decal Softener Medium & Decal Fix - Acrylicos Vallejo

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Decal Softener 17ml. Content: 1x 17ml bottle. To avoid this, once your decal is in place, apply GSW Decal Softener. Let the softener react and it will

Decal Softener 17ml - Adhesion Paint Miniatures Dioramas Stickers Glue Hobby

Microscale MI-12: Decal products Liquid decal film 1 x 30ml (ref. MI-12)

Shop model hobby tools online with fast shipping and fast delivery. These decals are self adhesive, but should be pasted after applied. Find softener

DSPIAE ETC-03 ETC-04 Mddel Decal Softener/Adhesive Decal Softener Model Hobby Tools 40ML

Decal Softener Medium & Decal Fix - Acrylicos Vallejo

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Decal Softener

DSPIAE ETC-03 Decal Softener / ETC-04 Adhesive Decal Softener 40ml