TUNAP 139 - Additive Detergent for Cleaning Systems Of Injection Petrol

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TUNAP 139 DETERGENT FOR CLEANING PETROL INJECTION SYSTEMS Cleaning through the tank. Dissolves and eliminates resinifications and deposits in

Injector Cleaning 🡺Protection for Injectors

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Combustion Catalyst Fuel Additive

Performance additives. Improves fuel economy. Fights rust & corrosion. Reduces friction & wear. Cleans entire fuel system. With advanced PEA for the deepest clean. Advanced PEA polyetheramine. The most advanced cleaning agent available. It is strong enough to cut through thick carbon deposits even in the intense heat found in the combustion chamber. Helps clean & protect your fuel system. Intake valves. Direct & indirect fuel injectors. Combustion chamber. Rust & corrosion. Cleans fuel system.

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