durable, flexible and strong boneless wiper

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The Slide Out Seal is known for accommodating all different types of weather. 2-7/8 D 1/8 thick Details: 2-7/8 D 1/8 thick RV Seal is a product that has been tailor made exactly for the use of RVs and trailers. It has a design that can be used across and can still be modified further and be made to fit your RV. It is made of the original heavy fabric that is strong in nature so rest assured it will last for many years.

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Having a slide-out in your RV is one of the best things you can do. It adds space that can make the cramped space feel more like home while keeping the size of the RV down while you're traveling. Once you get to the campsite, just open it up and enjoy your RV vacation. With this extra bit of space, though, comes with a few more tasks and responsibilities to keep it working well.

RV Slide Out Seal - 3 Wiper Seal with Bulb

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